forbidden objects


  • Valuables, such as cash, savings books, jewelry, securities
  • Foodstuffs and perishable goods, unless they are packaged in such a way that they are protected against infestation, do not attract pests and, even in the event of spoilage, cannot have any effect on the supplier's premises or items brought in by other customers
  • Any kind of living creature (dead or alive)
  • Items that cannot withstand normal temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • Objects and materials which may impair the provider or third parties through disturbing odors, smoke, noise or other emissions
  • Hazardous items, especially highly flammable materials (gases, paints, gasoline, oil, solvents); weapons, ammunition, explosives and other explosive materials; chemicals, radioactive materials, biological warfare agents, toxic waste, asbestos, or other potentially hazardous materials
  • Waste materials, such as hazardous waste
  • any article or substance the possession of which is not generally permitted under the legislation in force
  • all items that are likely to cause damage to the operation of the provider and/or the other clients